BJT Gives is an initiative founded and operated by the Brockington, Johnson & Timmonsville  Alumni Association to assist with organizing events, fundraisers, etc to directly supply assistance to Florence School District Four in Timmonsville, SC.  Each year this committee under the direct guidance of the BJT AA Executive Committee will host and/ or co-host up to three events that directly assist the students, instructional staff, athletic department and/ or administrative staff of FSD4.  


Here's how it works: 


Each school; Brockington Elementary, Johnson Middle School, Timmonsville High School will each be asked to provide a list of needs, activities, or assistance they feel is necessary to create a productive, safe, effective and fun academic environment for its students and staff that span beyond the financial means of the district and submit them with the approval of both their principal and district superintendent to the Brockington, Johnson & Timmonsville  Alumni Association by June 30th each fiscal year. The BJT Gives committee will then review the request and pick one from each school to be addressed during the upcoming school year. The committee will then submit the items to the Executive committee for review and approval. Approval must be provided in writing by the BJTAA President. The committee must include event name, details of involvement, budget (if necessary), and list of alumni members volunteering in event and duties. 


How are these events funded:


With approval from the BJTAA membership this committee will be self-funded through fundraising events hosted by the committee, corporate donations and grants (if available). The BJTAA is a 501(c)3 organization and as such all donations must be itemized and submitted to the BJT Finance committee. The committees must also offer a quarterly finance report to the Executive committee throughout the fiscal year and submit a finance report yearly. The Executive committee withholds the right to approve or deny any budget request and also to match any funds used by the committee up to $1,000 to support its efforts to assist the district. 


It is the primary goal of the committee to be a direct help to Florence School District Four and the students and faculty there in. 


Possible projects:


Annual school supply drives

Holiday toy drives

Athletic department refurbishments

District property beautification

Spring Athletics assistance (uniforms, equipment, etc)

If you would like more details or to make a donation please contact:

Crystal Coleman, BJT Secretary



Email us at


Submit your request online using the link below.