In accordance with Article IV, Section  4 (f) of BJT Bylaws, the School Volunteer Committee, which is a standing committee, shall  coordinate with the Florence School District Four (4) Family and Community Coordinator to facilitate the Chapter’s school volunteer program.   To become a volunteer please adhere to the following:


Each month the BJT Alumni Association contacts Florence School 4 to obtain volunteer needs by the district for the upcoming school year. If interested you can sign-up with the chapter and have your name submitted to FSD4.  Upon receipt of that information all volunteers will be given a FSD4 Volunteer application to be completed and consent to a background check provided by FSD4.  Once your application is approved you will be entered into the FSD4 volunteer database and contacted directly by FSD4 as additional assistance is necessary. All volunteers shall commit to the required security training and complete training by dates stipulated by FSD4.  All volunteers shall maintain ongoing security requirements as mandated by FSD4.  

To find out more information about our School Volunteer Program please contact:

Gloria Bracey, Family & Community Coordinator, FSD4

(843)346-3956 ext. 1108