In August and September of 1999, the following group of individuals met to discuss officially forming an alumni association to benefit Florence School District 4 in Timmonsville, SC.   The group met at the Happy Dayz Restaurant on Smith Street in Timmonsville.  They voted to continue as an organization, elected officers and adopted its official name on August 29, 1999.  The Brockington Johnson Timmonsville Alumni Association was born!  The group also planned to host its first Homecoming Celebration along with other future goals.

The following community leaders and members were in attendance:

  • Michael Jones – President                     

  • Henry Nero -  Vice President                 

  • Elaine Sansbury- Treasurer                    

  • Gloria Sansbury Graham- Secretary 

  • Vilena Daniel- Assistant Secretary

  • Alex Allen- Chaplain                               

  • Iris Brunson Gladden- Scholarship Chairperson

  • JoAnn  Johnson

  • Rosa S. Nero

  • Janice S. Echols

  • LaShonnette Edwards

  • Jackie S. Williams

  • Otis Martin, II

  • Hattie B. Wallace

  • James Taylor

  • Leroy Baker

  • Roy Spann

  • Roy McAllister

  • Beverly Williams

  • Patricia Nero 

  • Gerald Wright

  • Edith Williams

  • Levern Edwards

  • Castine Jones 

  • Fronnie Pettigrew

Brockington Johnson Timmonsville Alumni Association shall be open to all Brockington High, Johnson High and Timmonsville High School graduates and attendees of all 3 schools.  Its purpose shall be to provide a forum for members to share the rich heritage of the school and to assist in the growth and development of current students attending Florence School District 4 (Brockington Elementary School, Johnson Middle School and Timmonsville High School) through commitment, service and scholarship.

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