Joan Wilson-Pringle, Chairperson

Graduate of Johnson High School, c/o 1970

Chairwoman Pringle is a long time member of the BJT Alumni Association.  She has served as Vice-President and President of the local chapter and currently acts as the Membership Committee Chairperson.  She has a degree in Organizational Management from Morris College.  A retired Civil Service Employee.

Avette Bines, BOD Secretary, Interim President BJT AA (Local) chapter

Graduate of Timmonsville High School, c/o 1996

Avette is a long standing member of the BJT AA (local) chapter.  She has served the organization as a part of the Homecoming Committee and also as Homecoming Committee Chair.  She has also served as Vice president and is currently acting as President.

Debra Simon- Filmore, Board Member, President of BJT AA (Atlanta) Chapter

Graduate of Johnson High School, c/o 1970

Debra currently serves as the President of BJT AA Atlanta Chapter.  Debra was intricate in creating the chapter and leading it's members.

Glenene Lanier, Board Member, Vice President BJT AA (Atlanta) Chapter

Glenene Lanier is currently serving the State of Georgia as a Program Manager in the Permanency & Placement section.  She is responsible for managing the Adoption, Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children and the Social Services Administration Unit.  Ms. Lanier transitioned to this new role on May 1, 2017.


Glenene Lanier served as the County Director of Fulton County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). Her primary responsibility included providing leadership and direction that supports the goal of strengthening families through Family Centered Child Welfare practices, coupled with integration of Office of Family Independence (OFI) services. Prior to transferring to Fulton, Director Lanier served for four years as the Dekalb County Director.


Glenene Lanier began her career working with the elderly for a year at the Council on Aging. After leaving the Council she worked for the Blair Foundation in Harrisburg Pennsylvania for three years. While at the Blair Foundation, she assisted with the development of the Independent Living Program that fostered self-sufficiency for several teens that were aging out of foster care.


Her tenure at DeKalb DFCS began in March 1994, as a part-time Foster Care Worker where she worked for six years with hundreds of families towards reunification. In 1998 she transferred to the Adoption Unit and was the primary worker responsible for terminating parental rights for children in care. Later she was promoted to Foster Care Supervisor and remained in upper management until November 2010, when she was promoted to Regional Director.


In 2012, Glenene Lanier began an intensive Leadership Development program with the Annie E. Casey Foundation called Agents of Change Leadership Program. This program is geared specifically towards top leaders who are critical to implementing effective system change. Director Lanier successfully graduated from this program in January 2013. Director Lanier has received several awards and acknowledgements throughout her leadership for her support and dedication to DeKalb County Families and children.


Glenene Lanier is a member of the Stone Mountain Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Her undergraduate BA degree in Sociology was received from Morris College, Sumter, South Carolina where she graduated in the top ten percent of her class. She received her MSW from the University of Georgia in 2005 and Licensure in 2005.

In April 2017, Glenene Lanier was honored by her Alma Mater by receiving the Professional Alumnus Award for outstanding service.


Glenene Lanier is married to husband Ericson Lanier and they are the proud parents of two daughters, Erica and Deanna.  Glenene Lanier was born and raised in Timmonsville, South Carolina.

Joseph Wright, Board Member (BOD Financial Advisor), BJT AA Atlanta

  • Benchmark Brands / Footsmart

    2014 to present · Atlanta, Georgia

    Merchandise Ops - Daily management of all attributes that drive/stimulate increased customer demand.

    Merchandise Planning - Merchandise Planning then is "A systematic approach. It is aimed at maximizing return on investment, through planning sales and inventory in order to increase profitability. It does this by maximizing sales potential and minimizing losses from mark - downs and stock - outs." That gives us a broad-brush definition.

    Purchasing - The major objectives of purchasing are to (1) maintain the quality and value of a company's products, (2) minimize cash tied-up in inventory, (3) maintain the flow of inputs to maintain the flow of outputs, and (4) strengthen the organization's competitive position. Purchasing may also involve (a) development and review of the product specifications, (b) receipt and processing of requisitions, (c) advertising for bids, (d) bid evaluation, (e) award of supply contracts, (f) inspection of good received, and (g) their appropriate storage and release.

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