The Brockington Johnson Timmonsville Alumni Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded and operated by the alumni of Brockington, Johnson and Timmonsville High schools. Established in 1999 by alumni, teachers and administrators, the organization originally came together in hopes of planning homecoming events for the area.  Since it’s re-organization in 2011, what is now most commonly known as the BJT AA, has become a staple within FSD4 through its efforts to assist the district and children within the Timmonsville community. 


The Brockington, Johnson & Timmonsville (BJT) Alumni Association shall be open to all Brockington High, Johnson High and Timmonsville High School graduates and attendees of all 3 schools.  Its purpose shall be to provide a forum for members to share the rich heritage of the school and to assist in the growth and development of current students attending Florence School District 4 (Brockington Elementary School, Johnson Middle School and Timmonsville High School) through commitment, service and scholarship.


"Let them know who has their back!"

The BJT AA provides scholarships each year to qualifying Timmonsville High school students to a variety of universities, colleges, trade schools and other programs.  The BJT AA also participates annually with the district’s Parent Engagement event hosted in both the fall (Back to School Bash) and spring through donating our time and available funding to assist in making the event a success.  Not to mention our ongoing support to any program deemed by FSD4 to require assistance.  The BJT AA’s mission is to provide art programs like, but not limited to the THS Marching Band with assistance and other programs like as requested by the administration.   Wherever FSD4 needs it; we are willing and eager to help!


To assist in shaping the future of our community by promoting our heritage, discovering new knowledge, and donating our time and resources to all schools in Florence School District 4.